Plain Paper

The Surface Issue


In this issue of Plain Paper, the theme ‘paper and surface’ is explored in all its depth. The magazine contains original contributions by artists and designers. Each of their unique works is printed on a different paper and highlights several printing techniques, including offset, silkscreen, braille, and letterpress. A reproduction of the legendary 1960s literary magazine Barbarber is included as well.

Many thanks to the following artists who contributed works specially created for this magazine: Ruth van Beek, Vincent Bijlo, Stephan Keppel, Cindy Moorman, Underware, Barbarber.
The production of the magazine was generously made possible by the following paper suppliers and graphic companies: Zwaan Printmedia, FopmaWier boekbinderij, Marc Gijzen. And: AGA Color solutions, Antalis, Arctic Paper, Arjo Wiggins, Brink Omega, CBB, CordenonS, De Bink, Drukgoed Amsterdam, Geese Papier, G.F Smith, Helder Zeefdruk, Igepa, James Cropper, Moorman Karton, Mohawk, Oorbeek Stansmessen, Papyrus, Winter & Company, Wostavin.

Plain Paper can be obtained here.
Plain Paper is an initiative of Stroomberg and Esther Krop (De Monsterkamer).
Photography: Justina Nekrašaitė.