Vergeten meesters

Great Dutch Novel over kijken – en zien


Naast omslagen voor non-fictie uitgaven ontwerp ik ook omslagen voor romans. Dat is bijzonder en leuk werk; ik lees het manuscript en bespreek de inhoud van het boek met uitgever en auteur. In dit geval sprak ik uitgebreid met Daniël Rovers. Met als resultaat een zowel inhoudelijk als aantrekkelijk omslag. De collage van het samengestelde portret op de voorzijde zet zich door in de overige elementen. De eigenzinnige schreefloze (U8) letter past er wonderwel bij.

Ons Huis (our home)

Compilation album


Ons Huis (our home) is a luxuriously executed album, that can grow over time.
Every time the Hendrick de Keyser association opens a new Museum House, a new accompanying section appears that you can collect in the album.
On a map, you can mark which houses you have visited. With the bookmark, the timeline is always at hand. There is also a section that relates to your own living situation and your dreams with regard to housing. On the notepad you can write down memories, new insights and ideas. In the pouch, situated at the back of the album, you can store postcards, clippings, etc.
Ons Huis is available on the website of the Hendrick de Keyser association.

Product photography: Justina Nekrašaitė

Monsterkamer envelope

Flap with character


Series of customized, colored envelopes for the shipment of a promo sheet (Monsterkamer op één vel) that I designed for De Monsterkamer, together with Koen Slothouber and Esther Krop.

The folded printing sheet determined the slim format of the envelope. The easily removable flap also functions as a voucher: visitors can tear it off along the perforation and trade it in for a free drink. The closure with the two punched holes, as well as the round shape of the flap, make it a striking and particularly cheerful envelope. The various colors of this series increase the appeal.

Material: Gmund cover, Linen, in 10 different colors. Printing: one-sided in black, on the inside of the envelope.
Photos: Justina Nekrašaitė and Koen Slothouber.